Karangturi National School is the best educational institution in Semarang city, Indonesia, which has always contributed to the development of education in the country. Karangturi National School consists of kindergarten, elementary, junior, and high school level whose educational patterns always update and innovate.

In addition to the academic field, the Karangturi National School also gives attention to the non-academic field, one of which is choir. Through continuous training and fostering, Karangturi Choir has won achievements at national and international levels.

Related to this, the Karangturi National School also took part in developing choral fundamentals in Indonesia by organizing biannual national-scale choir competitions.

Seeing the enthusiasm of the participants and the success of this event since the first implementation in 2011 to the 4th in 2017, in this 2019 the choir competition is upgraded to an international scale with the name 5th Karangturi International Choir Competition 2019.