1. The 5th Karangturi International Choir Competition is only open to amateur choirs.
  2. All choirs are eligible to compete in a maximum of three competition categories.
  3. A personal identity must be provided by each singer (Student’s card, ID card, passport) for category A1, A2 and B1
  4. The copyright of the song is the responsibility of the choir. The committee is not responsible for any song’s copyright that will be performed.
  5. The committee will only provide an accoustic piano.
  6. Additional music instrument from partisipants, must be accoustic music instrument, non-electric.
  7. The use of any kind of playback or MIDI is strictly prohibited.
  8. Song can not repeated in the different categorie
  9. All songs must be approved by the Artistic Committee. The ones that are not approved must be replaced.
  10. All schedule of performance will be arranged by the committee.
  11. The jury’s decision is final and cannot be contested. The final score is the total score of the average score of each jury member.
  12. The participants give permission to The Committee to publish the photos and videos of the competition.
  13. There is no technical meeting, all questions related to this competition can be addressed through our e-mail:
  14. For further information and registration details, please go to our website,


Note: Choir is only allowed to take part in one of each category A or B.


Category A1 and A2

Each choir must prepare 3 songs according to the following requirements:

  1. One composition/arrangement by a composer of the choir’s country.
  2. One composition/arrangement by a composer not of the choir’s country.
  3. One free choice.
  4. The choirs can hold scores on the stage.

Category A3, B1, B2 and C

Each choir must prepare 3 songs according to the following requirements:

  1.  One composition/arrangement  song written before 1900.
  2. One composition/arrangement  song written in or after 1900
  3. One free choice
  4. The choir must sing at least 2 pieces of acapellae.
  5. The Choirs can Hold Scores on the stage.

Category D

Each choir must prepare 3 songs of their choice.



The total duration of performed repertoire must be between 10 and 15 minutes of pure singing time. The duration of the performance pieces exclude the applause and the stage entrance and exit.


  1. The choirs will be assessed by the jury on the following criteria :
    1. Intonation
    2. Vocal Quality
    3. Fidelity to Score
    4. Overall Artistic Impression
  2. The assessment is based on the numeric system:
  3. Sample Scoring Criteria :
  4. Champion of category is the choir with the highest final score in each category and must be in Gold range.
  5. Champion will receive a trophy, medal and certificate.
  6. Each participant will receive medals and certificates.


Grand Prix finalists will be selected based on :

Category Champions and Jury’s selection of choirs

Choirs selected for the Grand Prix Competition are required to sing two new song pieces.The total duration of performed repertoire must be between 6 and 8 minutes of pure singing time. The duration of the performance pieces exclude the applause and stage entrance and exit.  The choir with the highest rank among the panel will be awarded Grand Prix Champion and a cash prize of USD $2,000..


  1. Disqualification
    1. The number of singers are less than minimum limit.
    2. The singer sings for more than one choir in one category.
    3. The singer is above age limit for Category A1, A2, and B1.
    4. The choir doesn’t present on the stage after 3 calls.
  2. Minus Points
    1. The choir will get 5 minus points from the total of average score if it performs less or more than the required time limit.
  1. Administration
    1. Late submission for registration form, include original scores will get a cash fine of IDR 500,000.
    2. If unwilling to pay the fine up to a specified time, the choir will be disqualified.


  1. Registration form consists:
    1. Registration form that has been filled in completely and correctly.
    2. The most current picture of the choir with good quality. (The photo will be used in the program book and published in the website (min. 300 dpi).
    3. Choir profile should include member’s information and achievement.
    4. The receipt of registration fee payment will be given with the name of your choir in the notes field.
  2. Registration Fee : USD $200 per category (Full Amount)
    1. Early Bird : USD $100 per category (Full Amount)
  3. Secretariat:
    Name Yayasan Pendidikan Nasional Karangturi
    Address  Jl. Padma Boulevard Selatan Blok F, Komplek Perum. Graha Padma , Semarang
    Phone Number  +622476430500
    Conctact Person Petrus Wahyu
    WhatsApp +628156513187
  4. Bank Account :
    Bank Name Panin Bank, KCU Semarang, Indonesia
    Account Number 3106003323
    Swift Code PINBIDJA
    Owner’s Name Yayasan Pendidikan Nasional Karangturi
    Notes KICC5 – Name of the choir – Category to be entered
  5. The committee will not do any refund if there are transfer errors or transactions without any notes or with excess funds unless the event is cancelled by the committee.
  6. No refund for registration fee / event package for any reason.
  7. The committee will inform those who have already completed registration documents.
  8. The choir will be confirmed as participant after sending 5 sets of the musical score of each song that will be performed.


  1. This class is open to the public.
  2. 2-hours class with the expert.
  3. 5 – 10 persons for each class.
  4. Fee:
    1. Vocal Class : USD $20 per person
    2. Conducting Class : USD $50 per person